My story

So, my name is Guido Jessen, but you had already guessed that. Throughout this website I am telling you that I can help you get from A to B in starting your business. But I haven’t told you much about myself. How I started my first business and what I am doing nowadays.

At the age of 27 I saw a niche market and jumped at the opportunity. I started the company named ‘Kracht in Zorg’ in The Netherlands. Making all the beginner mistakes young entrepreneurs face I learned the hard way, by falling down and getting back up. No major mistakes, but standard errors such as an incorrect invoice, collaborating with other companies because it is possible and not because this had an added value and do not look critically at the profiles I hired. With that, I am certain I can help you. Learn from my mistakes; you don't have time to make them all yourself.

I enjoyed the process of setting up a business, in succeeding when it gets hard. Proving others wrong and pushing through when it gets tough. By the age of 33 my company had around 100 employees and a multi million dollar revenue. Besides Kracht in Zorg I owned a little restaurant in Amstenrade, called Bread and Company. I actually started this with the idea to combine the two companies. At Bread and Company my clients were able to work and enjoy a daytime activity. A reintegration process, aimed at a positive experience so that, hopefully, they could eventually move on to a real job.

When I felt I was getting too comfortable me and my wife decided to move to the United States to make it in America, chasing the American dream. Leaving a successful business in The Netherlands and starting with nothing in America definitely was excited and frightening at the same time. But I did it, by working hard I now run a few successful businesses:

Osborne Dressage.
My wife, Charlotte Osborne, is a professional dressage rider. Together we build Osborne International Dressage. The company provides the Atlanta, GA, USA area with international-quality instruction, horse training and sales services. The company specializes in dressage and has several tons of sales per year.

Osborne Boarding.
Besides the dressage I am owner of Osborne Boarding. Osborne Boarding is a manage with six employees, which I supervise, and a turnover of several tons per year.

It was a conscious choice to disconnect the dressage and management in connection with liability.

Homestead Tiny House Enterprises.
I am a co-owner of a Tiny House Resort in Florida. The tiny houses can be rented through AirBnB. The tiny houses are mobile, so can be moved to other locations during the year. For example if we notice that there is more demand at a certain location during a certain period of the year. We are also analyzing if we could build a Tiny House Resort at other locations. Our goal is to set up a business chain.

Guido Jessen LLC Kitchens.
And then there is my business in Kitchen Cabinets. One style, easy and good quality. I am active in the B2B sector with these kitchen cabinets. Perfect products for builders, remodelers and flippers. I import from Asia and arrange the entire transport. My setup solves a problem: if you buy kitchen cabinets it takes about a week until it is delivered, if there is any damage it will take another week or more before this cabinet is replaced. In the meantime, nothing happens with your kitchen because the kitchen worktop cannot be placed without the cabinets. Because we are local and our service is fast, we can ensure that the process is not delayed. Our product is of high quality, all wood and has the best price in comparison.

Business Coach
And ofcourse I own this business, Guido Jessen – Business Coach. A lot of experience that can help you achieve your goals. That’s my biggest passion, helping others achieving their full potential and dreams. By being the coach, I need to be, I make sure the questions needed to be asked will be asked. By being straight forward and direct I will coach you to get to your goal in a straight line. Schedule a free consultation and learn more about what I can do for you.