Guido Jessen is a successful business owner from the Netherlands.

At the age of 27 Guido saw a niche market and jumped at the opportunity. Making all the beginner mistakes young entrepreneurs face Guido learned the hard way, by falling down and getting back up. Guido enjoyed the process of setting up a business, in succeeding when it gets hard. Proving others wrong and pushing trough when it gets tough. By the age of 33 Guido's company had around 100 employees and a multi million dollar revenue.

When Guido felt he was getting to comfortable he and his wife decided to move the the United States to make it in America, chasing the American dream. By working hard and starting from nothing again Guido and his wife run a few successful businesses together.

Guido's big passion is helping others achieving their full potential and dreams. By being the coach he needs to be he makes sure the questions needed to be asked will be asked. By being straight forward and direct he will coach you to get to your goal in a straight line.