What's the investment?

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do and when to do it. Someone who looks in from a distance and creates order out of chaos.

I am that person. Goal-oriented, honest and without nonsense, we take concrete steps together. Concrete steps that bring you closer to your goal, day after day.

We come a long way with a basic package. What's in that basic package and what is the investment you need to make?

- From chaos to a structural step-by-step plan 

- 1 straightline, no-nonsense coachingsession a week

- Annual plan with concrete goals

- 5 year vision plan with long term goals

- Minimum duration of 3 months

€ 1.000,- p/m

Customized coaching in which we have more intensive contact and can take steps faster is always possible on request. Requests for this can be made by email:

What do you need to do right now?

Schedule a Free Consultation

To be the best help you can get, I need to know everything that you have been doing so far and you are planning on doing in the future. In this free consultation we will get to know each other, I will tell you my method and you will tell me your business dreams in a nutshell.

You are already one step closer to making your business successful.

Listening session

After the introduction you will get started with a number of basic elements for your business. We will schedule a new appointment. This is when we start building your business by breaking down the problems.

In this session I will ask a bunch of questions and you tell me everything there is I need to know about your business. The answers to these questions and my experience provide the foundation for our strategy.

Develop a strategy and execute it

Together we develop a strategy. A strategy that suits you, but also gets you outside your comfort zone. 'Cause that is where you'll make the difference in getting successful or just having a business.